Our partnerships with our customers are extremely important to us.
Here are a few things that they have said about us:

I installed in my home engineered flooring made by SwiftSure Milling and Mouldings. I cannot say enough how happy I am with the product. Besides the quality, one thing that really impressed me was the lengths. Instead of your usual run of the mill 3 foot average lengths, my floors has a lot of 6’-10’ long lengths and look amazing!

- Very Happy Homeowner

I have always found SwiftSure to produce the highest quality product available in the market…and that’s what my customers demand.

- Respected AWMAC BC Member

SwiftSure… is very accommodating with my time sensitive projects. And I consider them my business partners.

- Millwork Owner and AWMAC BC Member

I have used SwiftSure for over 5 years now and what impresses me the most is their sales staff. They are thorough and don’t cut corners. If I am not happy they fix that immediately.

- Purchasing Agent

Before finding SwiftSure Mouldings I wasted time bouncing unhappily between other moulding manufacturers. Now I only have one call to make…I can focus on other areas of my business where I am needed.

- Millwork Owner and AWMAC BC Member