Engineered Stair Treads

Engineered Stair Treads offer many benefits compared to traditional, solid, laminated or single slab treads. Swiftsure Milling with its specialized manufacturing equipment and skilled craftsmen are able to supply world class quality at competitive prices. In recent years many high-end residential and commercial projects have gone for a modern, clean aesthetic look, with steel stringers, glass sides and thicker treads exposed on all six sides.

Engineered Treads are mainly composed of wood, but only the top layer which is visible is solid wood of the species chosen. This allows for the wood’s visual aesthetic to complement the given project. The portion of the tread that cannot be seen can be composed of different materials but most commonly Baltic Birch Plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber or lower grade solid wood is used. Baltic Birch is an excellent choice for plywood as it is composed of more thin layers which make it more stable compared to standard domestic plywood. All of the layers in Baltic Birch Plywood are composed of Birch Hardwood which makes the panel stronger. Laminated Veneer Lumber is also very strong and stable since it is composed of many thin wood veneers bonded together using heat and pressure. Since the tread core is composed of a lower grade wood and not expensive high-grade wood, the overall cost of the tread is lower.


Engineered Treads offer several tangible benefits as compared to solid treads.

1) Engineered treads are more stable as compared to a similar solid wood stair tread; the wood is much less likely to check, shrink, crack, twist or warp.

2) For treads thicker than 1.75 inches, the only option for a solid wood stair tread is a butcher block style (narrow width laminations) which many people do not find aesthetically pleasing.       Engineered treads allow for wider laminations and even book matched faces adding an architectural level of detail to the stair treads.IMG_0305

3) Many of the engineered stair treads have cantilevered steel supports coming out of the wall; engineered treads can be manufactured with ease to fit with precision over these supports.

4) Well manufactured engineered treads can have the appearance of solid treads. adobe premium pro torrent

5) No laminations for width or thickness are shown on the ends of each tread.

6) If a client wants all rift or quartered or flat cut on each of the six visible sides of a tread, this can easily be achieved with engineered treads, something not possible when supplying a solid wood tread.

7) Treads in most species and grades are less costly supplied as an engineered tread when compared to a solid wood tread alternative.

Let Swiftsure Milling be your custom engineered stair tread fabricator of choice. We will work closely to understand your unique requirements and manufacture engineered stair treads that will add beauty and functionality to your project.

Heritage Home Renovations

Heritage homes continue to capture people’s imagination of an era gone by. Owners of such homes go to great lengths to maintain the characteristics of the home, while improving the homes livability to today’s standards.



A heritage house is not necessarily defined by its age but more by its heritage value and/or heritage character. According to the National Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, heritage value is the aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual importance or significance for past, present, or future generations. Heritage value is embodied in all the materials, forms, spatial configurations, uses, and cultural associations or meanings that together comprise a building’s character-defining elements. Heritage character is defined by the elements, including materials, forms, spatial configurations, uses and cultural associations or meanings that together comprise the heritage value of a historic building. Vancouver possesses a rich and varied collection of heritage buildings ranging from the late 1800’s to the modern era.”


With the designation in September 2015 of First Shaughnessy, we’ve been able to help affected homeowners work within the bylaws of the City of Vancouver.


Because ‘off the shelf’ products are not appropriate for these homes as they undergo restoration, Swift Sure Milling and Mouldings have been providing custom mouldings in the form of corbels, balusters and pillars, soffit, siding, flooring and decking. These custom products allow the homeowner to restore the home while keeping the exact heritage look and feel.
Quality is of utmost importance for Swift Sure Milling and Mouldings so only world class wood species sourced from around the world are used for our products. amadmin 3.0 free download

If you are planning a restoration and need or want to keep the rich heritage character of the home, click here to send for a no obligation enquiry.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Projects requiring detailed work can be accomplished in a cost effective manner using the right machinery. Rudy is starting the finishing process on these detailed flowers cut out of African Mahogany using our 5 Axis CNC machine. Detailed and quality work is something we pride ourselves in doing. driver booster 6.1 serial key

Swiftsure Milling & Moulding

Swiftsure Milling & Moulding is proud to unveil its first  many company car displaying our new company logo.  We are hard at work on our new company web site complete with a new logo/new look, highlighting lots of new products and services you may not be aware of. call of duty 4 modern warfare crack

Swiftsure Milling Has Been Manufacturing “Thin Sawn Wood”

Swiftsure Milling has been manufacturing “Thin Sawn Wood” for use in engineered product for flooring/panelling for the past year and we thought many of our customers might now be aware of this new service.  We are capable of manufacturing thin sawn wood as thin as 3mm and soon we will be able to mill as thin as 2mm with the addition of an even more efficient fine kerf resaw.  Contact us for any thin sawn lumber needs or engineered flooring/panelling as we are happy to assist. advanced systemcare 11.5 serial