Heritage Home Renovations

Heritage homes continue to capture people’s imagination of an era gone by. Owners of such homes go to great lengths to maintain the characteristics of the home, while improving the homes livability to today’s standards.



A heritage house is not necessarily defined by its age but more by its heritage value and/or heritage character. According to the National Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, heritage value is the aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual importance or significance for past, present, or future generations. Heritage value is embodied in all the materials, forms, spatial configurations, uses, and cultural associations or meanings that together comprise a building’s character-defining elements. Heritage character is defined by the elements, including materials, forms, spatial configurations, uses and cultural associations or meanings that together comprise the heritage value of a historic building. Vancouver possesses a rich and varied collection of heritage buildings ranging from the late 1800’s to the modern era.”    http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org


With the designation in September 2015 of First Shaughnessy, we’ve been able to help affected homeowners work within the bylaws of the City of Vancouver.


Because ‘off the shelf’ products are not appropriate for these homes as they undergo restoration, Swift Sure Milling and Mouldings have been providing custom mouldings in the form of corbels, balusters and pillars, soffit, siding, flooring and decking. These custom products allow the homeowner to restore the home while keeping the exact heritage look and feel.
Quality is of utmost importance for Swift Sure Milling and Mouldings so only world class wood species sourced from around the world are used for our products. amadmin 3.0 free download

If you are planning a restoration and need or want to keep the rich heritage character of the home, click here to send for a no obligation enquiry.

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