Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Projects requiring detailed work can be accomplished in a cost effective manner using the right machinery. Rudy is starting the finishing process on these detailed flowers cut out of African Mahogany using our 5 Axis CNC machine. Detailed and quality work is something we pride ourselves in doing.

Swiftsure Milling & Moulding

Swiftsure Milling & Moulding is proud to unveil its first  many company car displaying our new company logo.  We are hard at work on our new company web site complete with a new logo/new look, highlighting lots of new products and services you may not be aware of.

Swiftsure Milling Has Been Manufacturing “Thin Sawn Wood”

Swiftsure Milling has been manufacturing “Thin Sawn Wood” for use in engineered product for flooring/panelling for the past year and we thought many of our customers might now be aware of this new service.  We are capable of manufacturing thin sawn wood as thin as 3mm and soon we will be able to mill as thin as 2mm with the addition of an even more efficient fine kerf resaw.  Contact us for any thin sawn lumber needs or engineered flooring/panelling as we are happy to assist.